Dec. 2-4, 2016: SITKA ARTISANS MARKET –  3-day market in Odess Theater on the Sheldon Jackson Campus, Booth #7 across from stage. Books for sale—Alaska Fishing Gold Rush of the 1980s, Sitka Edition—plus 3 Retro Alaska-Fishing Photo Calendars and a complete new 2016 line of Vintage Photos Under Glass—vintage photos under large & small glass cutting boards, coaster sets, trivets. Beautiful pieces, handsome gifts!

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2017 Retro Alaska-Fishing Photo CALENDARS On Sale —CLICK HERE    3 Varieties:“Alaska Women in Fishing—the Vanguard” in color and B&W; “Retro Alaska Fishing in B&W”; A Year’s Seasons “Dockside in Sitka” in vivid Kodachrome color.    FRONT & BACK COVERS:



B&W Coffee-Table Book – ALASKA FISHING GOLD RUSH OF THE 1980s     ORDER BOOKS ONLINE HERE— All books signed by author 


The Deadly Race for Fish: Gold fever struck in the icy waters off the craggy coast of Alaska when longliners discovered gold on the bottom of the ocean in the North Pacific. The mother lode of fish sparked a stampede of fishermen who risked everything to fill their boats—or sink trying. A high-stakes crapshoot for big money or death with every boat a contender for either.            A young woman on the boats and docks of Sitka captured the raucously dangerous rush to the gold in photos and stories for the fish papers of the day. An insider’s unflinching glimpse of everyday life in the fleet now defines a unique and fleeting, bygone era nearly lost to history.            This is the story of a wild time in a raw land when fishing the Last Frontier in the 1980s offered endless opportunity—but ultimately tore the fleet apart.

    Sitka Edition – 346 pages, 600 vintage black-&-white photos and 20 stories, most previously published in the fish papers of the day—Alaska Fisherman’s Journal and Pacific Fishing magazine—plus “The Day of the Derby,” story and photos of the fateful near-sinking of the Lualda as long seen in Seattle restaurants Anthony’s in SeaTac Airport and Chinook’s restaurant at Fishermen’s Terminal in Ballard Seattle. Book’s third printing in stock now.

Explores the history of the longline fisheries back in the Decade of the Deadly Derbies with fishing seasons strangled into insanely short openings of mere hours, after a mass influx of boats from other compressed fisheries exploded the fleet and sparked a rush to the gold—white-gold halibut and black cod, black gold. Captures the faces and voices of fishermen as it happened in real time 1980s.

ORDER BOOKS ONLINE HERE— All books signed by author




Two Fish PhotoBooks—this one in color:

FishBkCover_3x3published 2013 in full color, printed online through Blurb’s on-demand publishing. preview or purchase “fishing for a living in alaska’s southeast” at this Blurb books link: Jana Suchy’s Bookstore