Jana M. Suchy


(book excerpt from “Fishing for a Living in Alaska’s Southeast” © Jana M. Suchy 2013)

Hailing from Wisconsin where you can fall in the water and you don’t have to die, six years in the fleet fishing, writing & photographing seasoned me a bit. Eventually moved south seeking greater professional opportunity just in time for the ‘90s. Wanted to expand my horizons from sitting at a typewriter alone “on the rock” to learn the design side of publications—and try out those new-fangled computers I’d read about in Doonesbury.

Since leaving Alaska I’ve worked as a self-employed writer, photographer, editor and designer producing a vast array of outreach and marketing materials packaged with an appealing, user-friendly style in various formats—print, radio, TV, exhibits, billboards; whatever works.

Newly arrived in the Lower 48 I had nothing, moved with maybe 22 boxes through the mail. My peers had houses, careers, cars, lawnmowers; I had nothing. Nothing but stories and photos, and looked like they might die with me if I didn’t get serious about a book, so I did.

After putting cameras down for years I rediscovered photography in the digital age, currently doing business as Way Out West Creative, way out west here in Tucson, Arizona. Did my time in the northern tier of the country from Alaska to Montana, Washington’s Olympic Peninsula to Nebraska and Wisconsin, where I grew up. My work took a turn into artful boudoir photography for the sheer beauty of it, including Pink Ribbon Boudoir for breast-cancer survivors to feel beautiful again. Absolutely love the unbridled creativity of making books—both boudoir and fishing. See the work at

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  1. Hi Jana, it’s good to see your face again. I’m now married to Mary Jane previously Bauer. We live in Juneau. Bruce Bauer is her EX. You worked for him on the F/V Donna Lee. Donna Leaky ….LOL. I swear your name came up just a couple weeks ago and I went to FB to see if you were aboard but I couldn’t find you. What a surprise to have you pop up talking about my previous boat the Sabine. I’m happy to hear your still taking pictures!

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