Alaska Fishing Gold Rush of the 1980s:

This book is newly available with a few advance comments from those who bought books early at the exhibit and book signing:

“Congratulations on a great book—could not stop reading it. Someone needed to record and write about this time in  history. You did a great job of it! those times are gone now but we were a part of it.”  Tom Will, Thailand (fisherman of the era)

“Thank you so much for allowing me to help you all and be a part of such an
important event for you as well as all of us who remember and honor that history
of fishing you so grandly documented! I started reading on the way home on the ferry and was so impressed by the beauty and thoroughness of it all and when I got home the kids were in bed and they called me up and Woody dove into the book with such excitement to share with his wife, Olena. We are very grateful to have our own copy and we will enjoy
it forever! Thank You!”   Sandy Will, Anacortes, Wash. (fisherman of the era)

“It’s really a historical piece and it has so many messages about people, an industry, a place—that’s the reason I think it appeals to so many people on so many levels. Images are quite powerful. You had an amazing eye.” Teresa Medina, Seattle, Wash.; writer of the book’s Foreword.

“Congratulations, fishermen love it.” Dick Carlton

Fishing for a Living in Alaska’s Southeast:

“Magnificent. Brilliant.” Trace Clark, Lincoln, Montana

“I can smell the sea.” Teresa Medina, Helena, Montana

“The book is beautifully written and the pictures are amazing. We’d love a signed copy.” Michelle Massion, Seldovia, Alaska

” WOW! Awesome! Powerful book from an obviously powerful woman! It will occupy a very special place on my living room table. No way a tourist like me could have ever experienced SE Alaska in the manner you did. I’m truly in awe of the life you led—very few people get to experience the raw power of nature, the type of people it takes to put the food on my table, and the amazing life they lead. I realize there’s a lot of life that I will never get to experience but your book does an awesome job of educating me about life in SE Alaska. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to eat fish again without memories of your book!” Dale O’Harra, Belmont, California

“Wow. Wonderful. What an obvious work of love. I generally JUST look at pictures but got caught up in the story. Nice flow and pictures formed as I read, backed up by actual photos. I learned a lot. Never would have thought the subject could be so fascinating. Your description makes me want to go there.” C. Dietrick, Las Vegas, Nevada